Exploring the subs of Reddit

Come with me on a journey through time and space, and a whole lot of sub reddits!

I started this project with the intent of finding a way to discover new subs that might interest me.

I wrote some code to process 3 years worth of posts/comments for each sub and to analyse occurrences of where a user mentions another sub in it.

Each relationship was then weighted so that subs mentioned many times in one sub rank higher than subs mentioned many times in many subs.

I imported the data into an iOS app and displayed it as an interactive force directed graph. The result is very cool, and I was surprised of the quality of the data. However there are some subs which relationship data could not be ascertained. E.g subs where no one has mention another! I will be working on improving the data in future releases, potentially involving some linguistic profiling to fill in some gaps.